Phyto-training course

Please find below the program for the 14th edition of the course.

A Practical Approach to Assessment, Remedy Selection, Implementation, Maintenance and Monitoring

Phytotechnologies are a family of primarily passive technologies that use plants to remediate or sequester contaminants in groundwater, surface water, soils or sediments.  These technologies have become attractive alternatives to conventional treatment methods due low capital, operation and maintenance costs; aesthetic attributes and growing acceptance by the regulatory community.

This workshop will focus on the two principal categories of Phytotechnology: 
•    Upland Phytotechnology Systems; and
•    Constructed Treatment Wetlands.

Training will instruct attendees on conducting initial practical assessments; how to select, site and size a phytotechnology remedy; provide design and implementation guidelines; discuss Operation and Maintenance and Monitoring (OM&M) needs; and review preliminary cost considerations. The workshop will encourage interaction between the instructors and students and employ case studies to underscore the “practical” aspects of applying these technologies to successfully remediate a contaminated site or wastestream.


14th edition Training Agenda


植物技术 ︰
实用的评价,方法补救选择、 实施、 维护和监测
植物技术是一个家庭的主要被动使用植物来补救或封存在地下水、 地表水、 土壤或沉积物中的污染物的技术。这些技术已成为有吸引力的替代常规治疗方法由于低资本、 操作和维护成本;审美属性和监管社会越来越接受。
这次研讨会将集中于 Phytotechnology 的两个主要类别 ︰
•        高地 Phytotechnology 系统;和
•        人工湿地处理。
培训将指示与会者进行实际的初步评估;如何选择、 站点和大小 phytotechnology 的补救措施;提供设计和执行的指导方针;讨论操作和维护和监测 (OM & M) 的需求;和审查初步成本方面的考虑。讲习班将鼓励导师和学生之间的互动,并聘请强调运用这些技术来成功修复污染的场地或 wastestream 的"实际"方面的案例研究


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September 25-29, 2017

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